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Garbage Disposals

There are Many Ways your Garbage Disposal can Break

There are several things that can go wrong with a standard garbage disposal, including jammed blades, leaking seals, clogs and electrical shorts. The good news is our garbage disposal repair specialists can diagnose and repair most issues in under an hour. While we are making the repair, we’ll also let you know what cause the problem in the first place. Usually it is either a misuse of the disposal or a worn-out  component.

Sure, your garbage disposal isn’t a show piece, but it is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It makes everything from food prep to clean up easier and allows you to flush those veggie remnants down the drain. Its position, nestled under your sink drain, gives it the best opportunity to do its job collecting and grinding up food scraps. The electrically driven flywheel turns a set of blades that effectively pulverize most materials that are flushed through. Unfortunately, sometimes your garbage disposal needs repairs.

We Can Repair Any Brand of Garbage Disposal

      • Insinkerator
      • Waste King
      • Kitchenaid
      • Sinkmaster
      • Maytag
      • General Electric
      • Whirlaway
      • Ace
      • Badger
      • WasteMaid
      • Frigidaire
      • Franke
      • And more

We Also Handle Garbage Disposal Installation

Our Alpharetta plumbers do full-line garbage disposal installation. Whether you are looking for a new 3/4 HP unit for your newly renovated kitchen or a smaller ½ HP unit for your wet bar, we’ve got you covered. We aren’t just a residential garbage disposal repair service. We also handle commercial and industrial installations and repairs. Feel free to call us for an estimate for your particular unit.

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